Undine LaVerve’s Acts


Every artist has a masterpiece, many consider this act of Undine’s her very own masterpiece.
And indeed it is the most booked act that has been featured in many festivals and events across the world from Miss Burlesque in Moscow in April 2013, to the Croatia Burlesque and Cabaret Festival, as a headlining act in May 2017!

The Sailor act is a vintage / cute Burlesque act that has a nautical theme. It starts off with a Sailor girl who’s waiting for her Sailor boy to return, and then, after some sweet and cheeky disrobing, turns into a veil fan dance. The blue to white gradient fans represent the ocean with their flowing motions and Undine handles them expertly throughout Ella Fitzgerald’s “Smooth Sailing”.

In The Times of Malta review, Ramona Depares wrote “Sailor Girl, a classic number that showed off the dancer’s playful nature to best effect, with fast-paced choreography and contortions aplenty…”

Kiss Me 

“Kiss me” is a product of 2020 and what Undine lovingly calls, her “lockdown act”, because this piece was created during the lockdown period and finally premiered in October 2020.

The inspiration for this act was a corset, which was wine red, and the decoration of which was Undine’s favourite lockdown activity. The pieces came together slowly and eventually the songs, which were not easy to choose, too were chosen. And things just fell in place.

This act really does represent the spirit of lockdown – the feathers on the headdress, gloves and the boa took 5 months to arrive and appeared when all hope was lost. And the song is “It’s been a long time” which for Undine describes the experience of not being able to kiss of hug loved ones and being separated from someone loved or special, being far away and knowing that when you see them, words can wait, all you’ll want to do is just kiss them. 

It’s something many people can probably relate too, but apart from having this message it is one of Undine’s most “showgirl” and extravagant costumes – the big red boa, the massive headdress, the big skirt and beautiful corset full of rhinestones…and of course, lip shaped pasties, popping out of a front closing bra… that’s a Kiss you don’t wanna miss! 😉

Lavender Dream.

Lavender Dream is Undine’s award winning Classical Burlesque act with a an alternative twist, edgy feel and a touch of Parisian chic. The routine starts with strong bump n’ grind moves and flirty glove peels to a Burlesque classics tune, which adds a sultry nature to the act. It is reminiscent of the bumping diva’s of the 40s.

As the act progresses, the music changes to a modern rock tune and that’s when the floorwork comes in, the shimmy shakes and the pure tease, always with a cheeky and fun feels, that is maintained throughout the act. Undine teases the audience to the very last second with confidence, oozing sensuality and the final reveal is welcomed with cheers at the top of anticipation from the patrons! Undine LaVerve won the BurlyPicks Italy regional competition in Milan with Lavender Dream in 2014.

The Malta Sunday Times wrote, in their review: “the award-winning Lavender Dream, proved equally mesmerising – more edgy, it transformed LaVerve into a flurry of feathers and fun in one sensuous package.She reels her audience in expertly, seducing as much with her devastating charisma as she does with some very tight technical moves. Constantly maintaining eye-contact with the audience, she performed to whoops of delight from everyone present”


Diamonds are a girl’s best friend – iconic tune, iconic saying, iconic imagery!
Being a bit of a glamour girl, despite her dark side, Undine just has to have a piece of that action and she did. By far, Undine LaVerve’s most Opulent act yet is “Diamonds” – dripping in white pearls and rhinestones, white feathers aplenty! This act is the epithomy of showgirl – feather headdress, rhinestone clad corset, each costume piece decorated to sparkle and big tribute feather fans are an incredible finale to this tasteful, cheeky tease of an act… or maybe, act of a tease?!

Ever since “Diamonds” first hit the stages, it has become an instant hit and in high demand for all sorts of parties and events, from Christmas party events, to Sigma’s “Malta Gaming Awards” 2018. It’s big, bold and beautiful!
Diamonds can be performed as a solo, or as a group act with 2, 3 or 5 dancers in chorus line. This act is perfect for a party of any size and can definitely fit in a cozy space or fill up a big stage!

Danger Girl.

Danger Girl is the two sides of Undine LaVerve coming together – her passion of Burlesque and her love of Metal music. The sensual and the dark side coming together in one act have become a bit of a speciality of Undine’s. Danger Girl is named after the song that the routine starts with – Betty Page “Danger Girl”. The song has a mysterious feel, Undine comes out in a beautiful green mermaid style gown, a hat and a boa, all in emerald and dark green. The song that follows is an energetic and punchy swing metal tune, and so are the moves that follow! Glove peels, floorwork and stocking peels with splits and bendy moves.

The climax of the act is the reveal and the consecutive quick tassle twirling to heavy metal beats after some feather boa tease action! An act loved by metal fans and non-metal lovers alike! A different and fresh approach to Classical Burlesque!

Danger Girl won the People’s Choice Award – “Queen of Applause” in “Miss Burlesque Russia” Burlesque Competition in 2014 in Moscow, fresh off the act’s conception!

Flower of Eden

Undine LaVerve’s “Flower of Eden” is classical in essence but quite eclectic in execution!

The act is a celebration of the beauty of nature, as well as the beauty of Burlesque and all it’s classical elements – the fully rhinestones corset, the headpiece, the feather fan dance all scream BURLESQUE! However there are such elements as popping dance moves and some varied choreography too, in total a minute of popping choreographed by Stepster Dogg especially for Undine and this act, which is an exciting step outside of classical Burlesque but interestingly enough, it fits like a glove…

The theme of the act is that of a flower, slowly losing its petals, then a dance with sees the beautiful fully rhinestoned corset come off and then a fan dance ensues. There are several reveals and then bam – the final reveal. The colour scheme is violet, gold and orange. The act is fabulous, extravagant, fun, has the surprise element and the vavavoom factor…and who doesn’t love a good fan dance?

Video by @adulthood_is_about_creativity (IG)

Golden Glitter.

If someone tell you Undine LaVerve has a bit of an obsession with gold, you’d better believe it, in fact, you could bet on it!
It all began sometime in 2016, before that Gold was never of interest to Undine, but nowadays, it features in most of her acts.

Golden Glitter, premiered in 2016 in Amsterdam, was the first act to feature Gold in Undine’s repertoire! This act is inspired by the 1920s, by Charleston, by Gatsby, by the flapper girls…and all that jazz! It’s fun and flirty, it’s very dance based and it’s a lot of cheek. Playful and sensual act, perfect for a 1920s do or a Gatsby party!

The first half of the act is more fast paced and fun, it’s got a fun gown into just above the knee length dress reveal and lots of sweet and sexy moves, reminiscent of the 1920s. It’s cheeky, tongue-in-cheek and goes down well with any crowd. The second half of the act is slower but still flirty and fun. It’s more of a tease – the gloves come off as some audience members get a taste of Undine’s sultry gaze; the dress comes off, then a little boa action, the final reveal and voila – out comes the glitter bottle and a mix of glitter and confetti cascade down and all over Undine’s body! The act ends with a bang and a beautiful sight.

Dark Ritual.

Come on over to the Dark Side of Undine LaVerve, don’t be afraid, join us. We have red wine *cough blood cough*, soothing dark metal music and evil horned goddesses – it’s fun!

Dark Ritual is Undine’s dark fantasy – a devilish slowburn alternative burlesque act, which is truly a sinful seduction straight out of hell. Paying a tribute to Undine’s favourite band Type O Negative, this act is performed to their infamous “Black N1” and portrays a horned devil in chiffon and latex, who undressed, then proceeds to balance a chalice of blood of her head and later pours the blood onto her body in a sexy, dark ritual to the Lord of the Underworld and of course, in memory of Peter Steele.

This act has travelled and seen many stages, but it is particularly popular around Halloween times and for metal events. Undine performs with metal bands and often uses the Dark Ritual look for such shows, for example for her performances with her friends Martyrium. This act explores the side of Undine that is very near and dear to her heart – the dark, the devilish, the Metal! lml

Black and Gold

When one thinks of Cabaret, the inevitable imagine it – top hat, a fitted pants suit..and voila. We have landed somewhere very authentically and even historically Burlesque – That dressed in a suit and a top hat, with a cane, or in Undine’s case an umbrella act to a sultry tune that starts slow and then picks up pace and delivers some pow pow pows, compelled by which, Undine delivers some sexy bumps!

Yes, indeed, “Black and Gold” is the epitome of what we traditionally think to be Burlesque and Cabaret…

Enter Undine Laverve, in a beautiful black suit, fully rhinestones in bronze and gold stones. She dances with her umbrella and the top hat, a cheeky peak of golden lingerie can be seen underneath the suit jacket. And then – BAM – the jacket comes off and we get the first taste of gold. BAM – the hat comes off and Undine’s long, brunette locks and revealed. Finally – BAM – the rip off pants and removed and the showgirl, dressed up in gold and rhinestones is revealed. With fast paced choreography and floorwork, this act is a Cabaret dream. After the bra removal is teased, the big Finale is the umbrella opening and Golden glitter (Undine loves golden glitter) cascades all over Undine’s body!

This act is perfect for Great Gatsby parties and Cabaret style evenings!

Marie Antoinette’s Tea Party.

Ah, Marie Antoinette, who doesn’t like a proclaim “Let them eat Cake!”, with an air of pompousness about them! She is quite the infamous lady, a top fashionista of her times and full of chic, cheek and bouts! She ever got executed in Style! We love to love her!
And what could be better than a Marie Antoinette tea party? However… there is no cake at this affair. To begin with there in a bare table and 2 chairs.

Undine LaVerve, come out as if to a masquarade, but having unmasqued, she is the infamous lady. She picks her victim from the crowd and invites him (because let’s face it, Marie Antoinette would probably choose a man…or would she?) to join her for tea.
But…me oh my, we have a bare table… not an issue, Undine cleverly uses her attire to set the table. Everything needed is On her from the tablecloth, to the saucepans, spoons, tea cups and even a cheeky teabag in her undies… you have to see this act to truly appreciate the fun and delightfully naughty nature of it all.
This is one tea party you don’t wanna miss!


Pride is very important to Undine. There’s nothing more important than being honest with who you are and proud of that. So this act was born as the expression of the struggle people face when coming out and being out to the world.

The act is that journey from fear and struggle to joy and pride!The act is a balloon pop, which is quite common in burlesque but in this act the balloons are black and some of them have writing printed on them, words such as – “Fear”, “Oppression”, “Bullying”, “Anxiety”, “Social pressures”, “Expectations”, “Shaming” and other aspect of life and feelings which hold one back from coming out and living loud and pride.
The act starts with “Everybody Wants to Rule the World” , Undine dances and hits the dramatic beats, then removes the quill from her hair and as the song picks up, Undine angrily and assertively pops the balloons and vanquishes what they represent.

Underneath, once all the balloons are all popped, rainbow underwear with hand beaded detail and rainbow veil fans – the music changes and a beautiful fast paced, celebratory dance with skilled fan work, happy and proud! The dance ends in Undine dropping into a split!
The act was premiered at the main stage at Malta Pride 2019!