Show Programme


Colin Fitz Intro

BAM – Showgirls

Ghost of Straight street

Undine LaVerve – Flower of Eden

Henk Wolswijk – Devil in Disguise

FrouFrou D’Absinthe – Crawfish

Gwilym Bugeja – Magic

Lolita VaVoom – Sex Bomb

Larissa – Careless Whisper

John Celestus – Kinks

Mabel Moonshine – Vivec’s Dream 


Act 2

Henk Wolswijk + Alice and kittens – Keep your hat on

Bella Stardust – Weapon of Choice

Death of Lilly

FrouFrou d’Absinthe – Balloon

Gwilym Bugeja – Magic

Undine LaVerve – Dark Ritual

Lilly Mortis – The Darkest Hour

Larissa – Mad About You

Lolita VaVoom – TEMPTation

John Celestus – Glory Box


Colin Fitz (Malta)
IG: @colinfitz99

Undine LaVerve (Malta)
IG: @undinelaverve

Lilly Mortis (Germany)
IG: @lilly_Mortis

Henk Wolswijk (Malta/Netherlands)
IG: @henkwolswijk

FrouFrou d’absinthe (France)
IG: @froufrou_dabsinthe

Gwilym Bugeja (Malta)
IG: omgmagic_gb

Lolita VaVoom (USA/Germany)
IG: @lolitavavoom

Larissa (Malta)
IG: @officiallylarissa

John Celestus (Greece / UK)
IG: @J.Celestus

Mabel moonshine (Malta/Finalnd)
IG: @mabelmoonshine

Alice Wolswijk (Malta)
IG: @aliceintheskywg

Bella Stardust (Malta)
IG: @bella__stardust


Lilithia rose (Malta)
IG: @lilithia.rose

Phage Nefarious (Malta)
IG: @phage.nefarious

Senorita Italiana (Italy/Malta)
IG: @la_senorita_italiana

Miss Craven Moore (Malta)
IG: @imcravenmoore

Liika Garnet (Spain/Malta)
IG: @liikagarnet

Queen of Denile (Malta)
IG: @queen.of.denile


On Saturday 30th BAM is organizing a double Burlesque workshop which you can attend – “Stage Presence” by John Celestus and “Floowork” by Lolita VaVoom.

The workshops will be held between 3 pm and 5 pm at Dance College studios in Msida.
Limited space available but feel free to message us to book!

15 euros per workshop / 25 euros if you take both!


Production team

Producer / Organizer / Artistic Director
Undine LaVerve

Acting and Script
Lilly Mortis

Sound Engineer
Henk Wolswijk

Light Engineering
MST AudioVisual LTD