From Australia to Russia – Fashion!

Malta Fashion Week 2019 rolls on – Day 3 was no less exciting than the previous 2 evenings spent at Fort Saint Elmo. The mild weather and the brilliant atmosphere set the scene for another fabulous fashion filled affair!

Day 3 brought with it changes, which were as upsetting, as they were exciting. Sadly, the first scheduled designer from Nigeria – Chidinma Obairi couldn’t make it; but instead we got not one, but Two Fashion shows by the lovely, Australia based Jason Grech – a bridal show was added, apart from his scheduled event! And the evening was concluded by Khan from Russia, as planned. The evening remained fully International, except instead of 3 continents, we got 2…but not a drop of disappointment – what we saw on the catwalk was delightful, impressive and even refreshing!

Jason Grech – Bridal collection (Australia)

Jason Grech kicked off the night with his beautiful bridal collection. If you’re planning to tie the knot and looking for that perfect dress…look no further…or rather, look at Jason’s work because it is sublime! Truly. The beauty of it all is breathtaking, the quality and design are great too! The combination is what any girl would want is a wedding dress. The dresses are at one conservative / classy and yet very sexy!  It’d make both your rosary clutching relative and that one liberal aunt happy!

I was impressed by the designs – the silks; the flowing skirts; the metres upon metres of soft tulle to create long, beautiful trains, the low cuts adorned with lace, pearls, beads; super sparkly rhinestones, shining from the other side of the catwalk; plain designs and busy designs but both incredibly fashionable and gorgeous, something for everyone! I loved the show – the music was fun, we were singing in our seats while looking at the beautiful models while they glided by in their gowns! It was a bridal show but it was gleeful! Jason Grech showed us a variety of brides, I’m sure every onlooker could relate to one dress, or another and I have no doubt, some fantasies were born last night!

Jason Grech – Dancing in Portugal (Australia)

Jason Grech’s second collection for the night was different but no less fabulous! Unlike the first show, here we feasted on colours. From solid shiny gold, to joyful Portuguese patterns, to tulle, tiel and frills and tight, bold, beautifully wrapped fabric and beaded fringe creating beautiful evening wear!

This collection may come from Australia but is inspired by Europe, namely by Portuguese traditional Azulejo tile patterns. 20 distinctive and varied looks were presented, from pants and mini dresses to a gown dripping in Swarovski, glittering to everyone’s delight.

I love Jason Grech’s description, so for once, I am going to quote on my blog, for as much as I love my writing style and describing, I truly believe I couldn’t have said it better myself:

“Taking the classic tile pattern and digitally “smashing” it onto a print for his garments, he’s heightened the destructive effect with high-level detailing including fringe, glass beading and sequins alongside Swarovski crystals and metallic hardware.”

It’s was a real pleasure to enjoy Jason’s work, glad we have an opportunity to welcome beautiful works of Fashion from far and wide!

Khan (Russia)

We sat down for the last show of Friday night, Day 3 of Malta Fashion Week – khan from Russia and were excited to see what this designer had to bring to the runway! As soon as the first model came walking down the catwalk, we knew we were in for something different. Jeandor and I looked at each other and I dare not write the words that escaped our lips, but I assure you they were said because we were so impressed!

This collection was a breath of fresh air!

I assume that a number of Russian traditions were the inspiration – I got Matryoshka doll vibes; Russian scarves on top of the wigs and crazy curled hair of the models were a nice and very Russian touch; a mix of modern and somehow classically Eastern European; I loved the colours, the motifs and designs on the fabric; even the overdrawn lips were such a cool touch! One of my favourite things were the layering, the twisting and coiling and curving lines, the garments adorned with flowers… the whole thing was to die for, a gasp after a gasp let out by various audience members around me were proof, this was something else and I am a happy witness of this beautiful expression from one of the greatest and most enigmatic, misunderstood countries with a turbulent past, rich culture, and people rich in experience.

I have a confession to make and may my look be my testimony.

I am a flesh-eating Siren, I identify a member of the living-dead…on my bag I carry the bone of my last victim (I only keep the important bones) and though I kept some fresh pieces in my bag, I’ve eaten them all. I am sooo hungry, I mean, look at me, I’m all bones! And that waist… so tiny!

Anyway, I was looking around Day 3 of Fashion week hoping to find a new, exciting, delicious looking victim and I’m pretty sure I saw some fabulous specimen I would love to eat out…I mean EAT! Yes, devour! YUM!

by Kurt Paris

Now, in all seriousness, my look on the night was of a dead mermaid and I loved it so much. I am after all, the Sin-Sational Siren of the Mediterranean so I believe it is a fitting look for me!

I was cinched in my training corset, so this is the one I use for my (almost) daily waist training routine. (I will write a special blog about my waist training journey sometime next month, stay tuned). The bag i from Kreepsville 666, a very cool brand! The shoes match too…apparently I am a edmaid with toes! I refuse to deny myself any pleasure! I mean, I need to dance!

It was a fun look to show off at Malta Fashion Week!
What are your thoughts?

Who rocked my world last night?

Well, well, well! There have been a few people who have been turning looks each night without fail! Luke Brincat, the brains behind DanceLab has been showing up looking unique and stunning every night. Yesterday his earing and jewel studded blazer shook me! Jeandor, all in Red and that harness…ugh! That’s what I call a stylist! Yesterday I Loved Yana Frost in her silver pants suit and faux fur on top! Caroline looked fantastic dressed in Drew & Crew, the latest collection we saw on Day 1 – what a stunner. All the VIPs looked stunning as ever and Tamara Webb in that green dress was just mesmerizing, and when I got closer, her green eyes…wow! That dress really made them pop. She is gorgeous with such ease…girl!!
Grazielle Camilleri looked so beautiful, what a power woman, in her suit…I am in awe! Chris and Matthew Mario Bord who were my top pick on night one did it again – matching but not…rocking faux snake skin… those two turn it out! Charles & Ron made an appearance, looking wonderful as always! Carina Camilleri looks stunning every night – every single night but she has to be mentioned – I mean, what is the Maltese fashion scene without Carina? It would not be the same!  

My top pick though has to be Victoria Rotchenkova! That girl looked so unbearably cute and sweet in her Tommy Hilfiger outfit, pigtails and heels on socks… she even sat there, chewing on some gum. I died, went to mermaid heaven, came back to life and lived! School girl vibes, sweet and oh, so innocent but with a cheeky side. Victoria stole the show!

Hope you enjoyed my account of Night 3! I have to sit night 4 out as I have a fabulous show to dance at at the Thirsty Lawyer…but if you’re looking for a place to go after fashion week, drop by the venue, have a drink with me and give me the low-down on Night 4 of fashion week! I am dying to know what happens next!

Videos of Night 2 and 3 coming tomorrow! Stay tuned!

Stay Wicked and let’s Get Freaky! 😉


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