The Lewk that Shook ya’ll!

Well hello there, stranger.

You have found yourself in the Weird and Wonderful Wicked World of

Undine LaVerve.

You are most welcome!

I am very pleased to present my spanking *oh!* new Website and, something I have wanted to do for a very long time – My Blog! A place where I will write about Burlesque, my shows, my travels, my escapades, various endeavours and of course, Fashion!

And we kick off with the super exciting Malta Fashion Week 2019!

My Media-Pass-Holding self will be covering Fashion Week day by day, or rather, night by night; showing off my own looks (she is ready to shock) and letting you know what went down and what I thought of the runways, the collections and everybody’s looks!

I am beyond excited, are you?


You’d better be! This year Fashion Week is promising to be bigger and better! What’s in store?

Get you Fashion week fix right here on my blog – we’ll have reviews, comments from some of the designers and your favourite Maltese celebs, and even a vlog with top moments of the nights of Fashion Week!

And now, before I go and continue getting my looks ready for a week of Fashion, fun and freakiness! (if you don’t know me well… you should know that I like to get freaky, beware and behold!)…let’s have a throwback to my look that shook ya’ll last year!


Photo by the super talanted Bernard Polidano. 

A little disclaimer and something you should know about me is this – I thoroughly enjoy pushing boundaries, I believe that as artists, it is our duty to broaden minds and break the mould. With my very existence, I hope, even intend, to do just that.

Through Burlesque, through my writing and through my looks, now and forever! 

See you tonight at the Fashion Week 2019 Launch Party!

So let’s have a great Fashion Week and Fashion Awards 2019!
Stay Wicked and let’s Get Freaky! 


PS: Happy IDAHO! Inetrnational Day Against Homophobio, transphobia and biphobia. Love it love. So let us love who we do and rejoice! Be kind!

Undine LaVerve, the bubbly and charming performer who has taken it upon herself to introduce our island to the mysteries of burlesque.” – Times of Malta.


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