Malta Fashion Week Launch!

Last night, MedAsia Playa was the place to be – the venue for Malta’s Fashion Week 2019 Launch party! And what a party it was! Undeniably another successful launch of the most exciting fashion event on the island! The atmosphere and the vibe were lit, the club was full of Beautiful people!

So many of Malta’s most interesting, creative and eccentric individuals and personalities were there! Some served fierce looks, while others looked wonderful in an attire of a more casual nature. From beautiful dresses and suits, to track suits, to conceptual looks it was a parade of models, celebrities and creatives all celebrating the beginning of a week-full of Fashion!

My personal top pics of the night were Sarah Zerafa and Iggy Fenech.

Sarah Zerafa wore a nude coloured latex dress which, as designed, hugged her curves ever so tightly, making it look as if it were moulded onto her skin…quite a sight. And anyone who knows me, knows how much I love latex and how often it features in my looks (You will see some latex on me during Fashion Week) so for me seeing the beautiful Sarah in a latex look was a thrill. If you ever need a hand, or two, to shine that latex for you, I am so there girl! *wink wink*

Iggy Fenech is quite a Fashion Week icon known to turn the most amazing, unexpected looks that make everyone gasp with delight! This year he graced the Launch of Malta fashion week in a beautiful suit but with real plants. No, not like last year when Iggy had a “backpack garden” with him. This year he had palm three leaves coming out of his suit jacket, giving me Rio carnival realness vibes and a pair of glasses, one lense however was replaced by a beautiful flower, a daisy! A celebration of the beauty of nature, but also, an outcry against Malta being filled up with concrete and the destruction of our nature was a beautiful message to complete this original look!

Here are some more amazing looks and people from Fashion Week launch party at MedAsia Playa! Photos by Justina Ciappara and Kurt Paris for MFWA 2019.

At a point in the night an interesting conversation ensued that got us thinking – why do we need Fashion week? What is the point? And many valuable points came forth – it’s a safe place to express yourself and show off your fashion choices without fear of judgement, without having to justify your looks; a free space to show your creativity; it pushes us to style up some jaw-dropping looks; it’s a great way to network and get together with other creatives, promoting each other’s work and of course, a whole week of art appreciation.

Fashion is art. Fashion is expression and creativity. A way for designers to show their work and for the beholder to view it with appreciation and derive inspiration from the art and the process. I personally also love Fashion Week because the attendees very often inspire me just as much as the designers! It’s the combination of all of those aspects that produces that unquestionable Magic and I’m glad that we have that magic in our lives!

Tonight we celebrate Fashion at Malta’s hottest dance party – Lollipop – The Fashion Week edition, category is – 1000 night of  Anna Wintour! Style Icon!

Sarting Thursday 24th May, I will be reporting on how Malta Fashion Week nights progress. More hot looks, a peak from the runway, the atmosphere and of course, my very own looks! (She is ready to shock)

To finish off, I leave you with this small video of Fashion week which I compiled from the footage I took yesterday – some of my favourite looks, some of your favourite celebs and influencers… and just to get you Into the Vibe! Enjoy!

Stay Wicked and let’s Get Freaky! 😉

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