Medical, Architectural, Seductive.

Maltas Fashion week officially kicked off with a bang and a display of an array of Fashion with varied themes, impressive style and bold cuts.  A worthy opening indeed!

Upon entering Day 1 of the much anticipated Malta Fashion Week, there was a crisp excitements in the air. Fort Elmo allows a perfect venue – Maltese heritage and history, the old coming together with Fashion, Innovation, Expression, at times even Risk, the new!
*mmm, sign me up for that RISK*

Once amidst the vibe, it all begins – Who’s who: who’s with who: who’s wearing what. It’s a fashion show on and off the catwalk – the celebs, the influencers, the general public and the crew do not disappoint; everyone made an effort and turned looks!

Soon enough, the now iconic voice of Colin Fitz was heard, announcing the first show and urging the patrons to take their respective seats.
Influencers, celebs and media took their front row (Frooooow baby, it’s called FROW) to best capture the ART that was about to ensue.

Rosemary Abela – The Cure.

Rosemarie Abela, a Maltese designer, had the honour of opening this year’s shows.
Her collection in called “The Cure” and aims to raise awareness about the oftentimes quiet suffering of the ill. The predominant colours were, as expected white, red and black, but other colours were also used to a great effect -greys, cream, transparent and some shiny materials. A good mix of fabric, textures and colours. I love all things transparent, I have been very taken by this year’s fashionable transparent plasticky looks a lot of my alt friends have been turning up, so was a pleasure to see that on the Maltese runway and of course the white gown with red lines coming down it…that was truly beautiful. After the show, my neighbours Jeandor (Nominee for best Stylist) and Maya (the MUA) all breathed “Great start” to each other still so impressed what we have just witnessed.

Architecture in Fashion (Switzerland)

This is something I have been very excited about – Architecture in Fashion (Switzerland) in collaboration with Nasim Akhavan – wearable architecture pieces – YAS!
Taking our Frow (front row, keep up) seats I was full of anticipation.
“I want lines, shapes, I want beautiful distortion and gravity defying designs!” were the thoughts in my head.
When the Fashion show number 2 of Fashion Week started, I realised that it isn’t as extreme as I had expected it to be BUT that is exactly what makes it wearable architecture. There are bold lines, there are shapes but they aren’t crazy and uncomfortable. They are delightful, they are eye catching, they are classy but they could be worn everyday!  Fashion is after all an applied art and these designers create architecture you could wear to work and to a cocktails party! The bags by Veni Morgan were definitely impressive, loved all the shapes. And throughout the show, the jewellery by Radian and Sheida Farrokhi did not fail to catch my eye – wow – the shapes and the bling contributed to the general feel of architectural wearables! I was left pleasantly roused by this collection!

Drew & Crew – SOS

When it came to Drew & Crew’s SOS – Statements of Style, I read “Bold, Sexy, Seductive”… “Sounds like Me”, I thought…so I was excited and in a state of anticipation, to say the least.  

I want to say right off the bat…boy did Drew & Crew deliver!! What a show to close the first night of Malta Fashion Week. As soon as the first model walked confidently out onto the catwalk, a murmur ran through the audience, a murmur of approval, of delight, of awe! “Wow!”, I heard someone beside me say! We knew we were in for a thrill, and a thrill it was! High fashion, outfits for an Occasion with a big O! The style and the quality and the execution were on point. I couldn’t keep my eyes and my camera off of the models. Rich tulle, cheeky mesh, shapely organza, shiny silk and floating chiffon; flowy skirts, tight waists and low cuts…I was living, LIVING I tell you! The final show of the night was an experience that is hard to describe, you have to see it! *watch the video at the end of the post *

Now that I have told you about the shows, let’s talk about MY LOOK! *YAY!* (She is modesty itself)
You know I had to kick the week of, not just in style but with a message and make a mark, establish my signature!  
I wanted to keep to my Burlesque and Alternative roots, so of course I had to be corseted and wearing pasties (tassels) BUT I was also inspired by the shows of the night.
I knew we would be looking at Architectural pieces, so I wanted to show off my curves – I have been sculpting by body over the last 4+ years, by means of almost daily waist training, so I had to show off my cinched waist!
I knew we would be watching some sexy and seductive design so naturally, I had to be sexy! BUT, I apart from all that I wanted to start off with a message!

Photo by the awesome Bernard Polidano!

I feel that there has been a lot of censorship of women, our bodies, and with the worldwide decline of our rights (you all know what I am talking about), I am livid! Taking away autonomy over and censoring of our bodies… it just won’t do and I will not stand for it! My protest was, mainly, the censorship of the female nipple on Instangram (and beyond of course). This does not just affect my community – Burlesque performers, artists, models,…this affect all women. Yes, YOU too! This is another way to cover us up, shove us into the background, put us in our place. I have seen so much beautiful art disappear from my feed…so I censored my breasts!

It would be too appalling not to, wouldn’t it now? *please do note the sarcasm*

I hope you liked my look! I am happy to have gotten a lot of wonderful feedback, thank you! And a HUGE thank you to LovinMalta for the mention! I said you weren’t ready for it, I wanted to make you wait but their wonderfully snoopy ways revealed my look!
And a big thank you to Malta Fashion week for allowing me to Be Myself and to Express Who I Am in all my eccentric and weird glory! Thank you! ❤

All you favourite personalities were there looking Fab! Taryn mamo Cefai shocked with PINK hair, matched with a lovely pants suit and a cheeky lace top underneath! In case you are wondering – Stella Cini’s hair was Pink too, bright baby Pink! Beautiful, classy ladies in white – Karly Naudi and Tamara Webb were gorgeous, each in their own way! Sarah Zerafa looked like the queen of the black swans in her cute dress! Luke Brincat was quite architectural and I loooved his outfit! Rob Earth gave me Robotic heaven with his cool look!

My top picks though were these two gorgeous gents! I looved everything about these looks…what are you thought?

by Kurt Paris

Day 1 of Malta Fashion Week was amazing and I can’t wait to be back at Fort Saint Elmo tonight for more exciting Fashion action!!
Video of Day 1 came out a little later! (I am human, I had to sleep, I apologise, no more of that nonsense!)

Enjoy the Video of Day 1:

Stay Wicked and let’s Get Freaky! 😉


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