Couture from Overseas.

May the 28th marks day 7 of Malta Fashion week. A week of shows, a week of excitement, a week of looks and one whole week of Fashion.

Last night we were all in attendance, ready to feast on some fabulous foreign fashion – Serbia and France taking over the runway, to our eager delight. We are not done yet, Fort Saint Elmo is buzzing, lighting up our capital! I’ll never get tired of this place – the fort is beautiful and in my opinion the perfect setting for the biggest Fashion event on the Island.

Let’s get right into the Fashion, shall we?

Milica Trickovic (Serbia)

The first show of th night, to kick off Day 7 of an eventful week was Milica Trickovic from Serbia, who presented a collection called “Blessing”. Milica was inspired by Cristianity and the beauty of christian icons. With this show, the designer wanted to make a connection between modern art and Christianity with use of lace and feathers and extensive, intricate patchwork.

The designs are truly beautiful, the dresses are fun and fancy; a mix of short dresses full of fluffy feathers; to long tulle gowns, to rich fringe skirts and feathered skirts paired with a t-shirt with an icon on it. In fact, most of the pieces shown in this collection included icons of a saint or a Christian icon as a centerpiece. Lots of lace and patterned mesh with polka dots or lines… low cuts, bustiers, puffy sleeves, cheeky cut outs with mesh and a criss cross design… Wonderful designs, well executed and shown.

Eymeric Francois (France)

Eymeric Francois from France is no strager to Malta Fashion week ad has graced our island with many visits over the last few years to show his beautiful work at Malta Fashion week. This year he is back with a collection which personally, took my breath away!

Straight out of Paris, Eymeric presented a collection called “Masquerade”, a glimpse into the dark aesthetic of a Venitian carnival. A celebration of masked beauty, a processio of gold and black art-pieces, rather than dresses. My jaw was on the florr for most of the show as I was mezmerised. Lace, tulle, chiffon, beading, rhinestones… the finest farbic, perfect execution and ot a stitch out of place to distract the onlooker from the fabulous outfits. Many looks either featured incredible, tight corsets or were in themselves corseted dresses…wow! I am in love with those corsets, anyone who knows me knows what a big part of my life corsets are, so that was a special pleasure and I also have a lot of appreciation for those laced into a tiny corset…it may be painful but damn, it looks so good!
I loved this show, from tight black suits and knee length dress, to huge, heavy, fabulous gowns with enormous skirts, long trains, tight lace giving peaks of skin and rhinestones aplenty! WOW! An amazing experiece.

As for me, I had a look which may not be very fitting with the theme of the night but which I was pretty happy with. A silver bodysuit, laced up at the front, with chains sewn on by my mama LaVerve to create a chain skirt feel, fishnets underneath, platformed boots from “Current Mood Clothing”, pinned up, teased hair and cyber glasses. It was a sort of outerspace, fun, cyborg look!

Don’t worry though, I come in Peace!

“I come in Peace” by Mark Soler

Just here to appreciate the Fashion and show some body!

Top picks? So many beautiful people! All the VIPs always look gorgeous, I love their olutfits!
But when I saw Sarah Zerafa in her dress, I just stared and said “Wow!” and she said |”Yes, I’m naked underneath!” … damn, that dress was really something!! Congrats to sarah for winning the trip to Serbia Fashion week!

Tonight is the last show and the last night of this year’s Malta Fashion Week at Fort Saint Elmo.

Let’s make it count and see you on Friday at the Awards!

Stay Wicked and let’s Get Freaky! ;)Yours,

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