Viva la Fashion!

The last day, Day 8 of Fashion week came and went. Malta Fashion Week 2019 is really over. Hard to believe. But I have to say, they sure know how to go out with a BANG!

One last show and a VIP Samsung MFW Closing party! Fabulous!

Ritienne Zammit – VIVA!

The final show on Malta Fashion week wa nothing less than Sensational!  

The show was by a local designer – Ritienne Zammit.
When we entered the venue, the first thing that stood out was the catwalk. The edges were decorated with white shredded paper, while the entrance onto the catwalk was decorated with Maltese traditional festa banners… hmmm.. What could that be about?
Ritienne’s collection is inspired by the Maltese feast, also known as the Festa. Festas celebrate patrons Saints of the villages and are a fun, traditional, religious and at the center of Maltese culture! The designer aims to celebrate the great lives and martyrdom of these Saints, as well as celebrating Maltese tradition and heritage. This collection is close to her heart and I am sure may can relate – being brought up in Malta, Festas are a big part of childhood, as well as the adult life…even if you don’t like them that much, trust me you cannot avoid them – you will definitely hear them – the fireworks and the banda! But who wouldn’t want to join in the Festa fun?
Viva explores devotion, admiration and support for the festa culture, turning it into a fashion statement and a couture look!

If you think that description sounds impressive… you should have seen the show itself.

I did not expect what I saw, so I was shook!! Shook in the best possible way!
The show started with a introductory video with impressive makeup and outfits, very conceptual. Then, before the show started, the sounds of the festa – Maltese fireworks filled Fort Saint Elmo, a sound all too common and familiar!

The first model that entered the runway, walked on with a dog, a beautiful Afghan Hound, if I am not mistaken! This was such a beautiful moment, the dog was so majestic and behaved so well, while it complimented the model so well! I love the prints on the material and the mix of these prints with other fabric – lace, mesh, organza, printed frills…accessories by Yana’s Jewellery and various props that the models used really brought the collection alive. These props included flowers, crowns and even a big hand held cross…like I wanna walk around the streets carrying my own cross too! Yas! The models also had SFX makeup on their hands, chest, faces which really brought the concept on saints and martyrdom forward into the spotlight!
The beautiful Stephanie Hodgkins, who is a quite the legend in the Maltese modelling scene, one of the best known models at the very least, walked down the runway as a model Madonna in a beautiful long gown, holding her child in her hands. It was quite a scene, such sweetness and love, it really left everyone gaping!

Stephanie Hodgkins a Madonna with child by Brian Grech

All of this did not take away from the clothes, the clothes were still the centerpiece of the collection and were absolutely beautiful – long dresses, short dresses, pantsuits all beautifully stitched and executed. Everything together created a show of quality, a show worthy of a day of it’s own at Malta Fashion Week! A worthy ending of this year’s Fashion week and a real Bang, and I don’t just mean the fireworks.
Ritienne Zammit brought the fort down with her VIVA! A true celebration of Malta and what we as Maltese and Malta as our country and culture are at the very core! What makes us who we are!

The iconic voice of Mr Colin Fitz, whom we have been hearing and enjoying all Fashion week long, and for years now announced the end of the last show and the party that was to follow. Colin Fitz, a celebrated actor, radio and TV host and more, has been the voice of Malta Fashion week for a while now and it’s almost impossible to fathom one without the other!
I am also proud to often have Colin Fotz host some of my most acclaimed shows, namely the first two editions of “MalTease” at St James Cavalier.

Colin Fitz

After the show and a few drinks the Samsung MFW Closing party wa sin full swing! It was lots of fun and had all the top VIPs and influencers there, nominees and special guests there! Find some fabulous photos below!

One thing I have realised in the last 2 days of Fashion week that Since the launch of the 19th, till now we have spent 9 days together with many of the same people, we have turned looks every night, we had fun together, we networked and hung out, we socialized and experienced incredible fashion, which we then discussed… it was a bonding experience, at least for me in was, with some many wonderful, creative people and now, once this is over tomorrow night after the awards…I am going to miss them.
I am going to miss the atmosphere and the experience but mostly the people. It’s kind of like a theater production, when you work tightly with an amazing bunch of people and then part ways! Such bitter-sweet sorrow!

Jeandor and I by Kurt Paris

The Fashion week crew did such an amazing job with Fashion Week at Fort Saint Elmo despite the rain, despite the weather, the wind and any difficulties that came their way, they did fantastically and I’d like to celebrate them with such a successful week +!!

BUT we’ve still got ONE MORE NIGHT!
See you tomorrow at the Malta Fashion week Awards at the iconic Triton Fountain!
Beyond excited!!

Stay Wicked and let’s Get Freaky! 😉


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