Undine LaVerve gets her first tattoo at MonInk Tattoos! <3

Ever since I started hanging out in the Maltese metal scene and started being around people who have a lot of cool tattoos, they all said to me – “once you start, you get addicted and want more and more” (tattoos obviously, DUH). Is it true, I wondered. 

I have often dreamt of getting a tattoo, or imagined what it would be like to have one. I’ve had some ideas of what I would like to get over the years but sort of happy I grew out of some, as they were cliche or something that does not suit me now. I understand myself a lot better and like to think that I know near-perfectly what my aesthetic is and what I strive for it to be! (Yas, winning)

The opportunity came up quite out of the blue. I was approached by FarAway Chill crew, who are really awesome and nice; and they asked me if I would like to be an Ambassador for MONINK, a tattoo salon in Bugibba by the lovely Monique Debattista.

MonInk Tattoos

Me? An Ambassador for a Tattoo salon… but I don’t have any tattoos… I am, or up to now, was a completely clean slate. But then again, I get it, it’s something different and the only work I have to show on me, is Monique’s talented and imaginative piece. I’ve always wanted a tattoo but never got around to it, so I agreed and went to MonInk and explained to Monique what I would like to get.
Something that represents where I am from wherever I go in the world, something that is me, that is dainty, delicate and femme… I told her – I want a Maltese cross but not the usual thing, I want it to reflect who I am …and by the evening I had a beautiful hand drawn design sent to me.

The next day FarAway Crew and I were all geared up and on the way to get me INKED by Monique! Wooo!
The salon itself is actually really gorgeous! I love the interior – the chandelier, the skulls, the black walls, the art on the walls and the artists’ working stations.

When we got to it, It didn’t hurt as much as I thought it might. Some of the pain was actually nice – not sure if that’s just me or a common experience. Might be just me…
The most painful part was getting bits of the rose filled in with colour. Otherwise, it’s not that bad and totally worth it.

Monique and her crew are super nice. The session was fun, I felt totally comfortable and the result speaks for itself!
I love the beautiful rose inside the Maltese cross that Monique designed for me. It’s so me and it’s something I know I will never regret! Plus, it’s gonna look so good when I am on Burlesque-ing on stage. Can’t wait to show it off at Malta Pride week and then on my German tour in October / November!!

My beautiful new tattoo by Monique of MonInk Tattoos

Big thank you to FarAway and MonInk for making me an Ambassador for this awesome Tattoo salon.

To answer the question I asked in the beginning… will I be getting more tattoos?
I guess now that I am an Ambassador for MonInk Tattoo salon… What do you think? We will definitely continue working together in more ways than this, that is for sure. 

But I do know one thing, It was a great experience and I am proud to represent my home and such a great artist as Monique. 

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