URGENT: Help oppose the demolition of a national heirloom of a building+garden in Sliema.

This is a letter I wrote last night to the Malta Planning Authority.

To Whom it May Concern, 

I am writing to you to express my opposition to the development of project Re: PA/09273/19 – 103, Triq Manuel Dimech, Triq Parisio Sliema – a beautiful and unique house and mature garden in the heart of Sliema that is set to be demolished and replaced by 32 lock up garages, 19 apartments, 4 penthouses and 3 offices (class 4A). 

Growing up in Sliema, I would often choose to take the road where this beautiful gate is, to walk down to the front, especially, so that I could walk past this house and look at it in wonder and feel enchanted by it. It always seemed like a magical place to me, a place of beauty and rich history. And I still believe it is.

This building is a true architectural gem, unlike any other house in Sliema, it is unique for it’s tower like belvedere at the back of the property, which would have once stood proudly above all the area, the statues and beautiful windows, it’s historical value is undeniable. And the wonderful garden around it – we have so few trees and gardens left, especially in Sliema. The PA has allowed too many beautiful buildings and trees, which are so essential for our survival and quality of life to be uprooted and destroyed – this garden is important to conserve.

This whole site is part of our Maltese heritage and should be treated as such. This site should be untouchable. This site should be restored and enjoyed by the community instead of being wiped off the face of our island, another beautiful feature which makes the island special and attractive, which makes up part of our identity as Maltese – gone without a trace. How can this be allowed? This is unthinkable to me. 

We cannot destroy and demolish anything and everything just because it can be done. We must look into every issue and proposal deeper! The fact that it can be done is not a reason. This building must be recognised as a historical building and as part of our heritage and our legacy, If we destroy everything, what will our children have to enjoy and to feel enchanted by, to marvel like I did when I was much younger? What will we have to show the future generations who come after us to teach them about our character, our history, our characteristics, our architecture, about being Maltese – a block of flats, some garages and a couple of offices, where once a true beauty of a building stood wish a lush garden surrounding it? What will tourists come to Malta for? Sure, we have the sea and the sun but I have heard returning tourists complain about the decline in greenery and increase in construction, The crane has truly become out national bird, sadly. 

The people of Sliema are glad to opposed this project proposal, the people of Malta are against it and we will be heard. Over the weekend we will start a petition and collect physical signatures which will be presented / delivered to the PA on Monday the 13th of January. The quality of life of the people living in the area is important to be taken into account – many surrounding buildings and houses rely on this garden for sunlight and clean air, a pleasant view / surroundings, since the streets of Sliema are narrow and polluted as it is, the area is in dire need of this garden.

By destroying this beautiful building and garden you will be: 
Destroying a historical site that is part of our, Maltese heritage.
Destroying art – the statues and unique architectural features of the building.
Destroying nature – a lush, mature garden. 
Reducing the quality of life of the citizens of Sliema and beyond. 
Creating more construction, dust, pollution and eventually ugly blocks of flats that we are all fed up with.Denying our children and future generations, as well as ourselves, the opportunity to behold this wondrous, beautiful treasure and marvel in it’s glory.
I am serious.

Only a culture-deprived and monstrous savage driven by greed and money (corruption much) could be able to tear down something so beautiful and important to us as a cultured and evolved society. Only a monster could demolish this property and not be sickened by their own actions. Destroying part of themselves and who they are by destroying a beautiful part of Malta. I cannot fathom such a heartless person. No amount of money could ever drive me to sell my country. So why are we selling Malta? I beg of you to stop this. This is not only about this property alone, we are losing who we are as a nation as a result of permits being given out left, right and centre to demolish national heirlooms.
Stop this greed and be Maltese. Please, listen to the people. We do not want this, And we will oppose with everything we are, as well as we can, until we are heard. 
I hope for my sake, yours and the sake of all the people who live in and love this country, that we can save this marvel.

Thank you for your attention,

Name, Address, ID.

How you can help:

Sign petition: https://secure.avaaz.org/en/community_petitions/the_people_and_the_pa__urgent_help_oppose_the_demolition_of_a_national_heirloom_of_a_buildinggarden_in_sliema

Write a complaint to the PA, let’s flood their inbox:

Re: PA/09273/19 – 103, Triq Manuel Dimech, Triq Parisio Sliema

email: representations@pa.org.mt

Oppose here: https://www.pa.org.mt/en/pacasedetails?CaseType=PA%2F09273%2F19&fbclid=IwAR1Tf8FxvCt08CVBsgYuxhiTXsh_9uoUK8KxYF82sJFZOjPIOab6JzpSdGM

Thank you! ❤️


By Charlene Galea @rixac

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