Girls Gozo Getaway Part1

Have you ever been to the beautiful island of Gozo?

As you guys know I am from the beautiful island of Malta. A little gem in the middle of the Mediterranean. But Malta isn’t just rock in the middle of the sea, it’s an archipelago (however you wanna pronounce it, I’ve heard many versions)…
Apart from Malta, Gozo, Comino, Cominotto and Filfla form part of this archipelago. And for us Maltesears, going to Gozo is often like a holiday or  getaway. So after all the stress of the last few months and quarantine and everything, who wouldn’t jump at the opportunity to go to Gozo for a sunny weekend?!

The trip was made possible by FawAway Chill and OhMyGozo!
No time to waste! I grabbed a beautiful babe and my Burlesque daughter Bella Stardust and we were off!

To get to Gozo one needs to get on a ferry, it’s about a 20 minute ride. Passing by the picturesque island of Comino you can see the Blue lagoon and the caves in the distance. We crossed the Gozo Channel almost at sunset, which made for some very pretty footage. (check video below)

Gozo is chuck full of fantastic things to see – beautiful architecture, incredible beaches and more….but our destination was Xlendi.

We spent the weekend at Arzella Apartments – comfy, clean, vast, with enough space for two ultra femmes! We had a bathroom each which was just amazing! And so many places to take photos! After we made ourselves at home at our lovely weekend abode, we needed drinks!
Just a 3 minute walk away from Arzella Apartments, there is a most delightful little place called Front Bar! It’s the loveliest place with a super cute decor, amazing drinks, live music, friendly staff…what else could you ask for?
We listened to the live music, chatted and enjoyed our evening at Front bar which was just the perfect way to unwind and start our Gozo weekend.

After a good night’s sleep we were ready to take on Day 2!
We had a massive day ahead of us! What was the plan?
Breakfast at Front Bar and then…my first ever dive!! And I have Ritual Dive to thank for it. We also had an amazing dinner by the sea in Xlendi bay but that will be in Part 2.

We glammed up and set off. 
Breakfast at Front Bar was delicious – I had poached eggs on toast, cappuccino with almond milk (they also have coconut milk) and oj, Bella had a vegetarian English Breakfast. Front Bar have really vegetarian and vegan options and milk alternatives which is not all too common in Gozo or in Malta so that is really awesome! We loved our breakfast!

Time to go under with Ritual Dive! Under water that is!
I cannot tell you how excited I was! OMG! My first ever dive.
How is it that I, the Sin-Sational Siren of the Mediterannean, a mermaid at heart, a Maltese Siren, had never gone diving before? Beats me. (plus childhood asthma but not attacks in YEARS, aeons even)

Ou instructor Alex showed and explained everything to us brilliantly, so Bella and I felt ready to go! Except then it took 26 minutes to actually squeeze me and my booty into the wetsuit. The struggle was real. I cried a little. But once I was in – hallelujah!

The facilities at Ritual Dive must definitely be the envy of the island’s diving schools. They have a huge training pool where we were trained all the safety tricks, given tips and how tos and go to try going up, down, swimming with fins and everything! So very helpful!

And the yay – Xlendi bay, here come the Burlesque girls! Together with Alex from Ritual and Lee Jellyman from Mocean Images who took photos and videos of us, we descended into the Mediterranean.

It was really something else. It took me a few minutes to get into the groove, but once I was into it…I was enjoying myself immensely. We followed Alex and saw so many beautiful things. We actually saw an octopus which was the highlight. Bellas was so happy she almost squeezed Alex’s hand off. We saw flying fish, bearded fireworms, swarms of little fish, rockfish, and lots of rope…which to me as a rope enthusiast was fun and amusing. Being able to enjoy the underwater world up close, marveling at its beauty was remarkable. I really want to go again and deeper, see more… In Gozo we have great visibility, we have underwater wrecks, so much to see! Just check out Mocean images if you’re intrigued! Or come try it yourself!

Thank you so much to Ritual Dive for this unforgettable experience and Mocean Images for the footage and photos. My makeup was destroyed but my heart was happy!

And that is part one of Undine LaVerve (hey, that’s me!!) and Bella Stardust in Gozo thanks to OhMyGozo!  Watch the video here to see everything in technicolor!

Part 2 coming really really soon with more scrumptious food and the beach! YAS!

Thanks for reading and watching,


Undine LaVerve:
Bella Stardust:…
Front Bar:
Ritual Dive:
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