Girls Gozo Getaway Part 2

You might have seen my post last week about my weekend getaway in Gozo with my Burlesque babe/baby Bella Stardust… well, we did too much to put 3 days all in one video and one post, so here’s Part 2!
We left off at Ritual Dive, which was my first ever scuba dive and it was so much fun! I am definitely going back for more soon! 🙂

Naturally, after all that diving, exploring and the tremendous task of getting me into a swimsuit (that was quote the workout), we were two hungry girls! Luckily, we had arrangements at il-Kcina Ghawdxija! OMG! So, the place itself is beautiful – we sat outside, with a view of Xlendi bay. We got some Rose and started relaxing! We needed it. The food… let me tell you – heavenly! For a starter we got Maltese bread (which, as my mother always says, is “dangerous for you, because you can’t stop eating it!” – can’t deny what’s true!) and three dips. Super tasty olive oil, pickled onions and a creamy garlic dip. We also got Fried Gozo cheeselets with fresh vegetables to die for. The cheese was so soft and fresh, and the vegetables perfectly seasoned. Then we moved on to the mains – pasta and the portions are HUGE! I mean… pasta overflowing. I had seafood pasta with fresh fish, prawns and mussels, which was a ten on ten in taste, presentation, everything. Bella had a vegetarian pasta – aubergine, tomato and gozo cheese, which she was very happy with. I stole a small bit and it was sooo good! 🙂

We wanted to go out for a drink to Front Bar afterwards but we were so full of amazing food and so tired after an eventful day that we spent an hour and a half lounging around on the couch at Arzella Apartments saying how we’re gonna change and go out and then eventually faced the facts and got in bed with our books, like the good girls that we are. 

Day 3! We got all dressed up and ready to have some scrumptious breakfast and headed to … you guessed it – Front bar, where else? Almond milk cappuccino for me, an espresso for Bella, OJ is a must…and we really wanted to try the breakfast rolls cause they sound amazing..and they are! I had a super tasty omelette, salmon and baby spinach roll, while Ms Stardust had the halloumi veggie roll which was really good…I had a taste… I am not stealing Bella’s food, promise, I am just making sure it’s fit for my Burlesque baby to eat! ;P Wonderful lazy breakfast was exactly what we needed to kickstart our day!

And we were off to Ramla Bay! Ramla is fantastic – a beach, located at the bottom of a valley, it’s got golden / orangy red sand, it is often referred to locally as “Ramla il-Ħamra” – the Red Sandy Beach! I think it’s my favourite beach in Gozo. Bella was a totally sweetheart as she brought a rainbow umbrella to keep me from burning. I either go to the beach after ⅚, which we did not have the luxury of doing on this trip and on our last day…or I have to have maximum protection to keep me safe from the evil rays of the sun. Otherwise I will be a very unhappy lobster, with very white bits (if you know what I mean). But with the umbrella in place, lots of sunscreen, good company and a good book, I was totally happy! Bella was tanning, while I was sunscreening like a boss, the hours went by with lots of girl talk and other shenanigans! We both swam and it was perfect. I can’t express how serene and blissful I feel in and by the water, by the sea… no wonder I am “Undine”. When people ask my mother “Where are you from?”, she always says we’re mermaids.. Now you know where I get my name from. Haha

Beach days are incredibly relaxing, but I can’t understand why they are also so tiring! We were hungry afterwards and could not pass up the opportunity to have a true Gozital speciality, tradition and gem – Maxokk bakery pizza/frita. We had the Maxokk special ftira (which is like a pizza but on a slightly thicker base.The coolest thing about it, and what makes it so special and irresistible is the Gozitan sausage and the slices of grilled potato on top! YUM! Maxokk is a must if you’re in Gozo! And once you try their pizzas and ftajjar, you will understand why!

Maxokk Special Ftira ❤

After all this running around and swimming and beaching and eating we were spent! But we had to get back to our island! So we packed, say Bye bye to our wonderful accommodation – Arzella Apartments! And left for the ferry. The sun was setting as we left…and what we found was a seemingly endless queue to get on the boat. We waited for over an hour and yet, I still don’t think we need a tunnel. Hands off Gozo you greedy bastards. I’d rather wait an hour each time I have to go or return, than let you get more machinery across so you can build all over our wonderful sister island. Rant over.

So we got back pretty late. We had a wonderful time!
Thank you to first and foremost OhMyGozo for organising this trip and all the fun activities, also thank you Bella for joining me! Arzella Apartments for such beautiful accommodations – clean, comfy, aesthetically pleasing! And of course Front bar for their amazing food and drinks – such a beautiful place, the owners and staff are lovely and there might be something in the pipeline too for BAM and Front Bar! Ritual dive was a dream – I will never forget my first dive, the experience was made unforgettable by their team, our awesome instructor Alex and by Lee Jellyman who captured our dive! Il_kcina Ghawdxija for a super scrumptious dinner, light wine and a good, wholesome, carby dinner is what dream holiday nights are made of!

Watch the video for part one, there are some good old fun, scenery and beach (hello body) and 2 bloopers at the end! 😛

Girls Gozo Trip Part 2

Thanks for reading and watching and see you next week for what I am officially now calling “Showgirl Saturdays”… you’re welcome!

Lots of love,


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