Undine’s German Tour 2019 Part 1

2020 has not been a kind year for Artists… we are all struggling and are literally unable to do what we love. Many artists have lost their livelihood and we have most certainly all lost our medium of expression. I feel that way. I feel that without performance a very crucial part of my being cannot shine.

I haven’t had a real, live audience show since the end of February. 4 months and counting. But last year… last year before the pandemic hit, it was different. Last year was my best year so far and what I felt was the happiest time in my life to date. Honestly. It was full of shows, projects, exciting events, theatre, Burlesque…and of course Travel! I miss travelling so much too!

Ever wondered what being a travelling showgirl might be like? Well, last year, I had a German tour, around Halloween time and I decided to film it!
I couldn’t really film much stage time but the gist of this is the Behind the scenes, the dressing rooms and the travel itself. A little bit of sightseeing but most of the time, with a super tight schedule and often little sleep, there isn’t much time for that.

My first stop was Munich, a direct flight of a few hours and bam – here I am!
Finding the venue (often a nightmare) even though this would be my 2nd or 3rd time performing on that stage at Theater Drehleier (2015 was the first, not sure about 2014).I love Munich and I was super excited to be part of the Bavarian Burlesque Festival. I love the girls who organize it – Aphrodite Devine, ChiChi Bouvet, Diva Desaster and Melody D’Amour, as well as Betty Berlin. I’ve had 3 of them perform in my shows in Malta – wonderful performers and people! I got to the theater tired – flight delay, heavy bag which I had to lug to the theater in my huge platform boots… But I was finally there, did my tech run, did my hair, make up, and the dressing room filled up with other beautiful and bubbly babes and we were set to go!

It was an amazing night, a super fun show! We got to drink Prosecco from a can, lots of laughs were had backstage and I got to see the last part of the show, which was beautiful! WOW!  I laughed so Hard at the acts by Glory Pearl (omg brilliant), the stunning Apathy Angel (who I am lucky enough to have shared the stage 5 time with now and had her in my show in Malta), and KoKo LaDouce (you legend you!!! I’ve seen this woman 3 times now and each time she INCREDIBLE!) to name a couple! I love festivals, I love backstage fun, obviously performing but also hanging out with old friends and making new connections with like minded people! ❤

The next day I set off to Stuttgart! It was my first time in Stuttgart and it wasn’t my last for sure, first of all because I loved performing at Corso Cabaret and being hosted, even if for a short few hours, by Fanny Di Favola, the organizer…but also because being lost and taking a while to find the venue and all, I hardly got to see any of the city itself. (but as a travelling performer, you don’t always have the time.)

Corso Cabaret with Fanny Favola and my girl Mosty Lotus (who performed in MalTease 2019, just a few weeks after this show!), Bell LaRouge and a few other lovely performers. That was fun, I loved this show. Backstage with awesome people, the venue was cool and nicely decorated,  the crowd were so nice and fun and engaged! Afterwards we went out for a few drinks, the hosts were so so lovely, then a few hours of sleep and at 7 am I was at the bus station or a ZOB as they call it in Germany (every German bus station is a ZOB), waiting for my bus back to Munich for another night at the Bavarian Burlesque Festival but first – showgirl brunch!
On the way back answering some pre-Maltease Interviews or working on costumes (never a dull moment) and admiring actual greenery – lush, vast, green German fields, little villages, animals grazing, lakes, hills, nature as far as the eye can see! That is something I really love about traveling. We have nature here in Malta but it’s different and we don’t have plenty of it and it’s in danger – developers are always looking for a nice place to destroy for profit…. So when I travel, one of the things I love is the vastness of nature!

Here’s a video of lots of BTS moments, doing my hair and make up, traveling to Stuttgart and such! Hope you enjoy it and part 2 coming up soon with more Bavarian Burlesque festival, Berlin and Hamburg! 🙂

Thanks for reading and watching,
See you next week for this thing I am now calling Showgirl Saturdays!


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