Undine’s German Tour 2019 Part 2

I arrived back in Munich just in time for Showgirl brunch, which was amazing. Such a lovely social event and a great part of the festival where all the performers get together, eat, drink and mingle. I was in amazing company and enjoyed myself and the food immensely!

And directly off to the theatre we went. That’s how showgirl life is. Off to the theater, rehearsal and sound/tech check. Then into getting ready for my act at the final night of the Bavarian Burlesque festival at the Gorgeous venue – the Deutsches Theater Munchen. ❤
My last act was super fun and I was so so happy and honoured to have rocked that stage. It’s a beautiful theater and to be fair from the stage I couldn’t appreciate it because I couldn’t see past row 2 but afterwards when I got to see the second half of the show, I got to really appreciate the magic of this theater! WOW

I loved the Bavarian Burlesque festival, both night I got to perform at, both venues. The cast was brilliant and I know the organisers and how sweet they are and how well they accommodated and treated us, how wonderfully they managed everything! It was beautiful and I am beyond happy to have been part of it!

The day after i flew to Berlin and I didn’t actual film a thing. I was tired after little sleep and an intense few days and looked forward to my 2 nights off. I stayed with my lovely friend Lily Mortis who is always so happy to host me, and I am happy to hang out with her because she is wonderful! We went to my favourite Indian in Berlin and had dinner. Then I went out to KitKat with my Maltese friend and lovely stylist Jeandor! The next day i did some shopping and costume work, and the Lilly and I went to watch House of Presents, Pansy’s show which I love and which is amazing and which I was going to be part of in April but Covid decided otehrwise! *devastated* I had 2 great days i Berlin just chilling, eating, enjoying great company, partying and catching up on sleep big time!

Berlin was fun and relaxing but had to get going – Hamburg calling.
In hamburg I performed at the Home of Burlesque.
I have a long history with home of Burlesque and while I am not sure if I will ever perform there again, we’ll see about that, I love that place. Hamburg and the old HoB are very important to me as that place has gotten me through a lot and Sven helped me when I was struggling. In any case, a big part of my heart will always remain in Hamburg so when I had been asked to do shows there, I obviously agreed!
On the day of arrival, found out I was sharing a flat with Trixi Tassel – perfect, she is a great friend of mine and the coolest person! We went out to our favourite Italian place in hamburg and had a lovely, hearty dinner.
The boom – time for the Halloween show at the Home of Burlesque! It was fun, the cast was amazing and we had a great time! ❤

The following day we had a day off and I enjoyed it going out and having dinner and drink with some of the girls – Kitty, Victoria and Trixi! (watch video). That same day Trixi and I did the Reeperbahn essentials – went to Boutique Bizarre and had curry wurst!

The following day it was me and Victoria Romanova left in the flat. I love Victoria, she is such a wonderful, classy lady and I always feel like she is a big sister figure to me. The big sister I never had. I always enjoy our chats and all the fun times we’ve had together! ❤
I did some shopping and then, Victoria and I were booked to do a show which was a sort of Charity Gala at Angie’s on the Reeperbahn, that was super fun! Then we raaaan to Indra Club to make our Home of Burlesque show which we did! Was a fun, smaller cast – Fez Wrecker as host and funny music man, Vicrotia Romanova, Katrin Gajdnr, Foxy Oh as out stage kitten and yours truly.

The show was fun, I got so into my last act that actually busted my leg open and bled! But it was great. I made Victoria swear in Maltese… it was just a perfect show night and the last night before going home!

It was a fun tour, I am so happy because I got to do a lot of completely different from each other shows. I got to perform of different stages to different crowds and enjoyed t so very much each time. I got to see lots of old friends and spent quality time with many of them. I got to meet new people and make nice connections. And finally, I got to go back to some of my favourite places and make new fantastic memories, to add to my existing ones! 🙂

Once I got back to Malta it was time to work on my Maltease show which was still coming up within a few days at the time! That was fun and a s=huge success. But more about that Another time! 🙂

Here’s the Video of part 2.
Disclosure, as the video progressed, and tour progresses, it gets messier! 😛

Thank you for reading and watching,

Until next weekend and another Shwogirl Saturday!



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